Casino Theatre fun place for family

NOTE: This story has been typed in from a clipping saved from the Pocono Record, as it is not available online.

Pocono Record Correspondent

MOUNT POCONO – Anyone who has taken a family out to some of the multiplexes in the area knows that the price of entertainment these days is anything but cheap.

For George Litz, the owner of the Casino Theater in Mount Pocono, the goal is to make a family outing a fun and enjoyable experience.

“We try to hold the line on our prices. We think that when you and your wife and children come in here, you don’t have to leave your paycheck,” Litz said.

He went on to quote some prices: a buck for popcorn, four dollars for a movie, two dollars for children. Prices like that make the locale a favorite with both tourists and the local populace, Litz added.

The Casino is more than just a movie theater; there is a miniature golf course surrounding the building, a video arcade, an ice cream parlor; and a restaurant all on the same premises.

“We consider ourselves a multiplex entertainment center. Our old fashioned sit-down ice cream parlor has 54 flavors of ice cream. We’re kind of unique in that all our sundaes are served in glass – we don’t use paper products,” Litz said.

“We have a restaurant where people can get homemade soups, hamburgers, hot dogs and dinners. Our chef, Justine Altemose, has been with us 22 years.”

The theater gets what Litz called “second-run” movies. Typically, movie theaters that get films fresh from the studio lots are required to hold them for four weeks.

By waiting a few weeks, the Casino can offer a greater range of movies by shortening the length of time the movie is shown, an important consideration considering the seasonal nature of the complex.

“We’re a seasonal operation. We open March 15 and stay open through Thanksgiving. We are weekends-only from March 15 until Memorial Day, then through the summer we are open every day. At the end of September we go back to weekends only again,” Litz said.

Films like “Con-Air,” “The Lost World” and others will be on the slate for this summer and fall season.

The complex has grown considerably since its inception in 1975, mirroring the phenomenal growth on the Mountain itself. But according to Litz, the Casino still maintains a down-home family atmosphere.

“We started with six employees, we’re up to 22 now. We have three daughters and a son, and for the most part, they are all active, and even some of their children help out. We’ve even had kids who have worked since high school and went through college and still come back to work part-time,” he said.